[ibogaine] recovery options and the concept of addiction

Bill Ross ross at cgl.ucsf.EDU
Fri Jul 12 19:08:40 EDT 2002

	I've changed the topic because whether ibogaine alters 
	genetic expression could be a very interesting thread if 
	anyone who knew what they were talking about posted anything, 

Now that you mention it :-) 

Short-term regulation could come about by direct binding of ibo to
some nucleic acid or bound enzyme, in the simplest case. I wonder
if anyone has looked to see if ibo binds in such a place (if
they did & the result was negative, they might not publish, since
journals prefer positive results).

I wonder if any long-term change not involving ongoing drug ingestion,
diet or activity change, or genetic mutation might necessarily be due 
to altered genetic expression? What else could cause the measured 
balance of enzymes to shift? If serotonin levels are higher, presumably 
the serotonin gene is getting expressed more, or the genes controlling 
its uptake are expressed less, etc. I have the impression that some
people retain the mood changes of SSRI's after they stop taking them,
so possibly these drugs change genetic expression, and there may be
more data for them (not to mention other drugs unrelated to mood).

	What drives me crazy is I don't understand. What did she ever 
	see in you when you were some strung out mess that landed on 
	her doorstep, threw a lit cigarette on her couch and told her 
	what a bitch she is.  ...

If it's any consolation, you seem to be as smart and articulate
as Patrick, just not enjoying it as flamboyantly. 

Bill Ross

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