[ibogaine] recovery options and the concept of addiction

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at mindvox.com
Fri Jul 12 17:46:52 EDT 2002

On [Fri, Jul 12, 2002 at 09:11:29PM +0000], [eric seitz] wrote:

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| I am sick to death of therapy and groups and starting to ask myself which 
| is the lesser of the two evils, treatment or just doing drugs.

Drugs are the lesser of two evils, when the choice is "treatment" or
drugs.  Drugs are pretty groovy.

| Has anyone reading this list tried Rational Recovery or SMART and had any 
| degree of sucess with it at all? Or anything that is structured in some 
| way, not a list of 20 suggestions that range from go skateboarding to go 
| fly a kite, some system that is not the 12 steps and does not involve 
| constant groups and therapy?
| I am really at wits end here and know I need to do something, I don't know 
| what that something is.
| Any advice is gratefully accepted on or off list.


Here is some very solid, simple advice.  Just for you.

[1]: You said you were going to the gym, so then keep doing that.  There
are many people who are just as addicted to that, as others are to mind
altering molecules.  Get some HGH and testosterone from a Dr. Feelgood
type dude, and make a structured workout plan.  "I will work arms today,
do aerobics tomorrow, I will do this many sets, these weights."  If you're
working out and have lots of spare time, it fucking WORKS dude, your
endorphins will go up and you'll feel better.

[2]: You have money and time.  Stop bitching, if taking entheogens
violates your "recovery" paradigm, then get your ass on a plane, go sit in
the rain forest and dose with Ayahausca.  Go do entheogens in an
environment which is conducive to spiritual reintegration.  I did not say,
fuck everybody, and hold it together, I went to an ashram in Thailand for
over three months to retune my head.

[3]: Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing or not doing.  That's
all 90% of the crap in "the rooms," is.  A gossip session where people sit
and spin and babble about who's doing who, or what, which starts
somewhere on some random piece of bullshit and spins stories sideways
from that.  Fuck that.  This is why I don't even hang out with people in
"recovery."  It's like the Legion of Hall Monitors who are also
pathological liars and terminally bored.  If it never happened, they'll
make it up and truly believe what they're saying.  <shrug>

I do not know how well SMART or Rational Recovery works, go try it.

What is amazing to ME, is why people who turn their entire life into this
endless series of groups, shrinks, and paradigms of a Mysterious Disease,
wonder why the fuck they are so miserable.   Duh.

DO something.  Take some sort of action other than booking endless
appointments with your shrink and going to group whine sessions.  To
reiterate, the gym is GOOD.  If you're already doing that, do it summore,
structure it if you enjoy structure, and go from there.


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