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Fri Jul 12 15:12:34 EDT 2002

I agree with you Andria.  It's time for patients to take the bull by the 
horns and advocate for their treatment, rather than sit and bitch and gripe 
about the methadone system.
I like you have been a MMT patient for over 20 yrs.  I'm a product of the 
late 60's.

In being an advocate and going to the many conferences that we are so 
graciously accepted at, has helped me to understand the punitive and 
unrealistic ways we patients are treated.
Most clinics will not provide literature on our treatment, so I make it my 
duty to send home at least 3 full boxes of reading material for the patients 
at my clinic.  I do this at my own expense (sending 3 heavy boxes UPS is 
around $75.00 per box.)

Another way that I have advocated for the state that I am in,  was when the 
appropriations committee was going to extract $9 million from substance 
abuse, which would have closed the only clinic in my state.  I did my 
homework, went before the committee and presented my reasoning for this life 
saving treatment.  Guess what?  They put the money back into substance abuse 
and the rest is history.

You have to be ready to buck the system intelligently,  with drive and 
ambition.  Learn everything you can about federal and state guidelines, and 
above all demand respect.
These clinics (especially the not ~ for ~ profit orgs)  should be doing us a 
service, rather than using punitive and punishment to keep us in line.  One 
of my pet peeves is the "Graying of Methadone" and the way we "ol timers" are 
treated.  We are ageing, many have health problems, and have come through 
many years of treatment and we are still treated like someone that just 
walked in off the street  with a codiene habit.
Instead of blowing off steam on this site, blow it off intelligently with 
your director.  I know that they are hard nuts to crack, but if there is a 
will there must be a way.

Judith Ostergard...Advocates for Methadone Maintenance at Omaha...AMMO...
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