[ibogaine] Ibogaine Signals Addiction Genes

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at mindvox.com
Fri Jul 12 15:00:38 EDT 2002

On [Fri, Jul 12, 2002 at 06:11:20PM +0000], [eric seitz] wrote:

| That's not Patrick on psychoatives, that's Patrick on Patrick. 'and then I 
| ran up and down the hallways yelling and throwing things and then I got a 
| brain and cut it all up and then I got the networking working after the 
| campus fell down and then I went to the playground and it was great and 
| then I wrote 3 articles and then I met this really hot girl and I'm going 
| out! and then I read a book on philosophy and then I did another brain and 
| I want to start a band!' is patrick. Patrick on psychoactives finally shuts 
| up and calms down. If he is ever quiet and gentle, then he's tripped a few 
| days before.

Thank you for summarizing me.  Since you do not know me, and have met me
perhaps once or twice -- okay it could be three times -- you are basing
your information upon someone else's characterization of me; prolly
Deborah, on whatever day(s) you were present when she talked sumplace, and
had Patrick stories to Share!

That's just super-fine and speshul, so thanks.

| I've been reading this list nearly since it started, Patrick never says 
| anything about anything except himself personally. If he did then he 
| wouldn't be with Dr. Mash for 3 years which I believe is almost a world 
| record. He sees her every day, he works with this, he hangs out with her 
| outside the job.

Yeah, and, so what...?  As I may have mentioned once or fifty times, it is
not MY science, MY data, or MY research.  Before being allowed to breath
the air in *Secure* and *Confidential* environments, I signed so many
nondisclosures my wrist hurt for a week.

If you have any questions regarding what Deborah is doing, then send her
some email or call her up.  She's not hard to find, and I'm sure she'll be
thrilled to chat with you and share.

| My own conclusion is that maybe what that young lady said is not so far 
| wrong and the results of just how far ibogaine does go in making changes 
| will scare the shit out of people, not calm them down.

This may or may not be true.  The TRUTH! has been known to produce mass
hysteria before.  Then again, maybe it won't.  These are interesting times
to be alive; either alla that or the end of days, either one.

NONE of this alters the fact that ibogaine DOES WORK.  <shrug>  Whether or
not a molecule is legal, does not appear to change its efficacy.

| I guess we will all find out sooner or later.

As a minor aside, I posit that, the question of "How duz it
werk!?@#?!?!?!?21!!" will not be answered by chatting on a list.  While
the answers may come in dreams and visions, the results mostly come from a
whole fuckova lot of lab work, experiments, and expensive equipment.

SOME people who are actually doing this research -- other than Deborah --
are signed up to this very list (along with a slew of MD's, but we won't
even mention them).  As I may have mentioned before, being curious whether
or not they're actually reading it, I have on occasion accidentally --
whoopsie! -- signed some of them off it, to see if they read it, or just
toss it into some folder.  Without exception every one of them has signed
themselves right back on it, within 48 - 72 hours tops.  If they wanted to
share, well gosh, they sure could do so too.

Just saying,

But yes, very interesting abstract.  The floor is Wide Open for comments.


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