[ibogaine] Ibogaine Signals Addiction Genes

eric seitz erictseitz at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 12 14:11:20 EDT 2002

That's not Patrick on psychoatives, that's Patrick on Patrick. 'and then I 
ran up and down the hallways yelling and throwing things and then I got a 
brain and cut it all up and then I got the networking working after the 
campus fell down and then I went to the playground and it was great and then 
I wrote 3 articles and then I met this really hot girl and I'm going out! 
and then I read a book on philosophy and then I did another brain and I want 
to start a band!' is patrick. Patrick on psychoactives finally shuts up and 
calms down. If he is ever quiet and gentle, then he's tripped a few days 

Food for thought. Patrick doesn't care because this isn't news to him or 
anyone who's heard Dr. Mash talk in the last year. She knows this already. 
You should ask yourself what she's doing, someone who has over achieved for 
her entire life suddenly stops writing ibogaine papers. Where did all that 
research lead, who is she working with right now, it's not drug addiction 
research anymore it's brain research with biotech and gene companies.

I've been reading this list nearly since it started, Patrick never says 
anything about anything except himself personally. If he did then he 
wouldn't be with Dr. Mash for 3 years which I believe is almost a world 
record. He sees her every day, he works with this, he hangs out with her 
outside the job.

My own conclusion is that maybe what that young lady said is not so far 
wrong and the results of just how far ibogaine does go in making changes 
will scare the shit out of people, not calm them down.

I guess we will all find out sooner or later.

My .02 cents.


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