[ibogaine] Re: ages

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at mindvox.com
Fri Jul 12 12:26:20 EDT 2002

On [Fri, Jul 12, 2002 at 12:03:23PM -0400], [preston peet] wrote:
| Yeah, that tapico is the bane of us old folk, me at 34- having
| cancelled my Sept. 11 birthday this year, deciding that I deserved an
| extra year at 34.;-))) (if you want to be literal about it, 35, but hey,
| like I said...)
| Peace,
| Preston

It didn't count anyway, due to the unfortunate events of Sept 11th, the
whole entire year was cancelled.  We are presently stuck in a spiral
looping through the twilight zone, waiting for a gateway back into one of
a possible series of consensual realities.  Hopefully the place we land
will not be 2003 on 1984, Big Brother LOVES YOU!  If that happens, that
fuck that noise mahn, I'm moving to another parallel universe, and just
leaving some of my clones here.


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