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Still only 28! I ain't gonna say how old I become tomorrow, but all cards
can be sent to....!!!!!
Tnx for putting record straight

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Curtis I wanted to thank you for taking the time to
set the story straight about Mother Love Bone and how
it relates to everything. Really I was worried the
full story would never be told and then you came along
and did just that. ;-)

I'm not being serious, welcome to the list! Stick
around. I wouldn't know a Motherlovebone lyric from
dr. seuss, both of which I guess are embeded in
mindvox but I did remember say hello 2 heaven and
pushing forward back. Reachdown I think I liked but I
don't remember anything about it except it was 15
minutes long and hard to follow. But pretty if very

I never said I was 18? I wish I was! Add a 10 to that
number. That's a lot of years to strip away. Can
ibogaine do that one too? ;-)

Carla B

--- Curtis  Hersch <crownofthorns72 at rediffmail.com>
> Andrew Wood started what's now called grunge, or
> what was called 
> grunge. His roomate was Chris Cornell from
> Soundgarden and 2 of 
> the people in his band added Eddie Vedder and formed
> Pearl Jam a 
> year later. The only full EP to come out was Shine,
> Apple was 
> released right after Andrew OD'd. They are both
> collecter's items 
> and very expensive but you can get the re release in
> a double CD 
> called Mother Love Bone.
> Temple of the Dog  is a line taken from the Man of
> Golden Words. 
> If you want a taste of it go on kazaa and search for
> that one, 
> Crown of Thorns which is one of the best songs about
> addiction 
> ever written and Stardog Champion is great too.
> Those are the 
> easiest to get into. If you like them go get the
> double CD. Pearl 
> Jam released 23 double CD's in 2001 and in concert
> they have many 
> MLB covers. There is also a Ten demo which features
> Vedder doing 
> Andrew Wood's material before they have written
> their own.
> Temple of the Dog was one CD from the former members
> of MLB and 
> Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. It was released and
> sold nothing. 
> 2 years later Soundgarden released badmotorfinger
> and pearl Jam 
> released Ten, which was one of the highest selling
> CDs of all 
> time. They reissued Temple and it went platinum 5 or
> 6 times, you 
> can look up more info at
> http://www.reachdown.com
> I thank you all for the advice and am doing some
> heavy reading. So 
> far I have found tag lines on Mindvox from Temple,
> Man of Golden 
> Words and the kicker Crown of Thorns! That is so
> righteous man! 
> I'm not sure who all is here but I like what I see
> and I'm glad I 
> found this place. Man that was a weird series of
> clicks. All 
> right!
> I don't mean to fill up your list with MLB trivia
> but wanted to 
> set the record straight
> Curtis

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