Patrick K. Kroupa digital at
Wed Jul 10 18:50:53 EDT 2002

Okay I gotta bounce, two things before I leave. 

First, if you wanna subscribe to drugwar, the address is: 

drugwar-subscribe at

This just opened roughly 3 minutes ago, the list will go wherever whomever
takes it, but primarily it is being run by Preston & Andria, and/or Andria
and Preston.  Although I'm sure I'll provide occasional thoughtful
insights, and brief introspective moments of reasonable discourse.

Its purpose is to provide you with an up to the minute hotlist of the
best spots to cop on planet earth.  No wait, that's the Drug Database &
Beeper/Cellphone eXchange, coming Any Minute Now.  

Mostly the purpose of the list is to move the more Drug War related
conversations and materials, somewhere else, off the ibogaine list.  Plus,
also, Andria asked for it.  So there it is!

In conclusion, this is old, but I just found it again.  It's still
amusing.  Conclusive Fully Documented Proof that Micro$oft does not
drug-test its employees.

Keep in mind that the dude who is doing what he's doing here (conveniently
provided in every format on the whole entire planet) is a billionaire,
several times over, and really doesn't need to be doin' dis: 

BEHOLD THE WONDER!  Steve Ballmer (who absolutely, positively, and without
a doubt, does NOT smoke crack):

Sum of the links faw down go boom, these definitely work:



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