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Wed Jul 10 01:03:00 EDT 2002

All of you are crazy, how do I get off this list? ;-)

Thanks, at least once a week usually more often when I
check my mailbox and read this list, I laugh my ass

I love all of you :-)

Patrick here is some free psychiatric advice, or let
me put up a sign with '.5 cents please' written over
it since I'm sure it will be a big revalation to you
:-) Your problem is not being half the DSM plus one or
minus one, you're problem is there are at least 5
people inside you having a power struggle. At least
two of them are amazingly good people, one is a
comedian, I'm not sure I've figured out who the fourth
one is, the fifth one walked off the set of a Mad Max
movie :-) 

Good night! Great day, Howard posts Rolling Stones
lyrics I think that's a first :-)

Carla B

--- "Patrick K. Kroupa" <digital at mindvox.com> wrote:
> On [Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 10:34:27PM -0400],
> [HSLotsof at aol.com] wrote:
> | It's all in jest Preston.  But, with the cocaine
> cartels having their IT 
> | specialists, if the mini sub carrying a massive
> shipment of ibogaine did 
> | evade the dea could mindvox be far behind.  It
> seems I have to blame someone 
> | and Patrick is well, just there!
> Look, it wasn't me.  I wasn't even on planet earth
> at the time.  Do you
> have any PROOF...?  ...is it good?  ...do you accept
> bribes?
> | To a great extent profit potential and ibogaine
> have missed each other all 
> | over the map.  But, there is still the romance,
> the adventure and the good 
> | that comes out of it.  How do those Stone's lyrics
> go?  You can't always get 
> | what you want but, sometimes if you try real
> hard...you can get what you 
> | need.  Now what would that be?
> Would all of you crazy people please stop!  This is
> a *serious* list that
> deals with drug addiction, misery, strife, blood,
> sweat, tears, pain,
> suicide, genocide, plus, also, depression.  There is
> entirely too much
> levity here.  Humor is a clear violation of the USA
> Patriot Act!  
> oh hey, p.s., Libertarian News!!!  And yes, we are
> starting the drugwar
> list, and will move all of this sideways tomorrow.
> Patrick
>    July 9, 2002
>    Vol. 7, No. 12
>    Circulation: 50,130 in 100 countries
>    Published by the Advocates for Self-Government.
>    Created and edited by Paul Schmidt,
> mailto:paul at self-gov.org
>    Co-edited by James W. Harris,
> mailto:james at self-gov.org
>    by James W. Harris
> Major U.S. Religious Body Calls for End to Drug War
>    The General Assembly of the Unitarian
> Universalists Association
>    (UUA) -- representing more than 1,000
> congregations throughout the
>    United States -- has passed a Statement of
> Conscience calling for
>    "Alternatives to the War on Drugs."
>    The UUA declared "We do not believe that drug use
> should be
>    considered criminal behavior." They further
> declared that "the
>    consequences of the current drug war are cruel
> and
>    counterproductive," and called for "alternatives
> that regard the
>    reduction of harm as the appropriate standard by
> which to assess
>    drug policies."
>     The declaration is the strongest anti-Drug War
> statement thus far
>    by any major U.S. religious denomination. And the
> Unitarian
>    Universalists say they plan to encourage other
> people of faith to
>    adopt similar views.
>    "As Unitarian Universalists, we are called by our
> religious values
>    to speak out against misguided policies," said
> the Rev. William
>    Sinkford, president of the Unitarian Universalist
> Association. "The
>    so-called 'War on Drugs' is creating violence,
> endangering children,
>    clogging the criminal justice system, eroding
> civil liberties, and
>    disproportionately punishing people of color.
> It's time for a
>    cease-fire."
>    If adapted, the UUA's proposals would be a major
> step toward ending
>    the War on Drugs. Key points of the UUA's
> statement include:
>    * "Establish a legal, regulated, and taxed market
> for marijuana.
>    Treat marijuana as we treat alcohol."
>    * "Remove criminal penalties for possession and
> use of currently
>    illegal drugs, with drug abusers subject to
> arrest and imprisonment
>    only if they commit an actual crime (e.g.,
> assault, burglary,
>    impaired driving, vandalism)."
>    * "Drug use, drug abuse, and drug addiction are
> distinct from one
>    another. Using a drug does not necessarily mean
> abusing the drug,
>    much less addiction to it. Drug abuse issues are
> essentially matters
>    for medical attention. We do not believe that
> drug use should be
>    considered criminal behavior."
>    * "Make all drugs legally available with a
> prescription by a
>    licensed physician, subject to professional
> oversight. End the
>    practice of punishing an individual for
> obtaining, possessing, or
>    using an otherwise illegal substance to treat a
> medical condition,"
>    and allow "medically administered drug
> maintenance" as a treatment
>    option for drug addiction.
>    "We are hopeful that this powerful Statement will
> pave the way for
>    other denominations to join the movement for more
> just and
>    compassionate drug policies," said Charles
> Thomas, executive
>    director of Unitarian Universalists for Drug
> Policy Reform, the
>    denomination affiliate that facilitated the study
> and development of
>    the Statement of Conscience.
>    The text of the full UUA Statement of Conscience
> on the Drug War is
>    at www.uudpr.org .
>    (Source: UUA press release:
> http://www.uua.org/news/2002/020627_drugreform.html
> )
>    * * *
> FBI Is Watching What You Read
>    Be careful what books you check out at the
> library, or purchase from
>    bookstores.
>    The FBI may be watching.
>    Under sweeping new anti-terrorist laws, the FBI
> is currently
>    visiting public libraries and secretly tracking
> the reading habits
>    of people it allegedly considers potentially
> dangerous.
>    The draconian post-Sept. 11 USA Patriot Act
> anti-terrorist bill
>    gives the FBI authority to obtain library and
> bookstore records --
>    and many other documents --  in the course of
> broadly-defined
>    terrorist-related investigations. In practice,
> the FBI now has the
>    legal power to check on millions of people -- and
> maybe just about
>    anyone.
>    The creepy procedure is shrouded in secrecy. In
> order to survey
>    someone's reading habits, the FBI must get a
> search warrant. But
>    it's not your Founding Fathers' search warrant --
> the FBI doesn't
>    have to show that any evidence of criminal
> activity is likely to be
>    found or that the individual being investigated
> is involved in
>    terrorism or spying.
>    Furthermore, as a San Francisco Chronicle article
> has noted, "The
>    court that authorizes the searches meets in
> secret; the search
>    warrants carried by the agents cannot mention the
> underlying
>    investigation; and librarians and booksellers can
> be prosecuted for
>    revealing an FBI visit to anyone, including the
> patron whose records
>    were seized. Nearly everything about the
> procedure is secret.
>    "The only limitation in the law is that the
> investigation can't be
>    entirely based -- though it can be partly based
> -- on activities
>    protected by the First Amendment, such as speech
> or political
>    organizing. For example, campus radicals, the
> subject of FBI
>    surveillance in the past, could be targeted if
> the government
>    alleged they had a connection to terrorism or
> espionage."
>    And a lot of libraries are apparently being
> watched. A University of
>    Illinois survey in early 2002 found that  8.3
> percent of libraries
>    surveyed had been asked by federal or local law
> enforcement officers
>    for information about patrons, allegedly related
> to Sept. 11.
>    The American Library Association, appalled by the
> law but knowing
>    librarians are subject to prosecution if they
> refuse to cooperate,
>    is suggesting that librarians "avoid creating
> unnecessary 
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