War on Drugs

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at mindvox.com
Tue Jul 9 15:44:42 EDT 2002

Basically, I have highly similar observations as Preston and agree with
the conclusions he has arrived at.  My personal beliefs regarding the "war
on drugs," is that YES, slowly, piece by piece, little by little, things
can get "better."  There certainly appears to be forward progress
happening in many countries -- other than America. 

I agree with some of the basic things Dana has to say -- I'm unsure
whether this is just over the phone, or on this list.  Inasmuch there is a
lot to be said for the Dutch model of hard and soft classifications of
drugs.  "Look, okay, see, we'll make sure heroin and coke stay Highly
Illegal and Super-Bad, therefore you guys can keep importing 500 tons a
day of this shit into the country, and everybody is happy!  But let's dump
cannabis, entheogens, that ibogaine thing, and Stuff chemists make in
their bathtubs, off schedule 1, because I mean, who the fuck are we
kidding?  None of those are really floating your economy anyway, and I
dunno anyone who smokes weed which is smuggled into the country in tractor
trailers driven across the border from Mexico.  When you light up a blunt,
odds are, you're supporting that dude down the block who grows killer
hydro-crippe in his basement; therefore, let's get just a LITTLE real,

Little baby steps.  This is possible, some light is shed, the world gets
slightly better.

However, on the flipside...  I really, stongly, think, feel, and believe,
that the whole entire America is gonna have a lotta other problems,
escalate things and stuff, and the war on drugs, will become secondary to
life in a police state; which is where we're not even headed, but nearly

All is not lost though, it is Entirely Possible that Bill Gates (The
Antichrist), will wake up one day and just go, "Okay, that's it.  I am
fucking sick and tired of you people annoying me, investigating my
business practices, and interfering with my small empire.  I'm just
gonna write a really big check and purchase the whole entire U.S. Federal
Government.  You're all fired, go away.  Everybody is allowed to bang dope
and smoke crack as long as they're running Windows.  MacOS/X, Solaris, and
BSD are punishible by life in prison, and Linux results in being tortured
to death.  Now then, this terrorism thing, that's no good for sales, how
much for all those little wacked-out countries?  I'll take half a dozen
to start; do any of those towel headed people program?  Surely they do.
I'm fine with that Allah person, as long as we place a Microsoft logo
over him."

	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-

Politics...  Yah know, the more exposure I have to all these warring
ideologies, the more certain I become that all my suspicions have always
been absolutely correct.

Politics is just something to do if you wanna accumulate props and are too
stupid and talentless to create something.  People who cannot write,
create art, music, or in any way positively contribute to society, and
aren't smart enough to make cash in bid'ness, drift into politics.

There is [Group of Idiots <A>] or [Group of Idiots <B>].  Basically, who
gives a shit.  This is all agonism anyway -- asserting dominance by
ordering everybody around; and I'm a hedonist and believe in gaining props
by simply emitting and radiating, and some people will be into it, some
won't give a shit, and some will hate you, all of which is okay, it is
making choices...  Anybody who actually WANTS to be a politician should be
disqualified right there. 

In short: it's all this endlessly tangled pile of shit, and the whole
entire planet would be better off if it was flushed down the toilet.

Except the Libertarians...  Who wanna take the whole entire social
security to Vegas, smoke crack, and let that fucker ride, spin the wheel
spin the wheel, yeah yeah yeah!  ANARCHY NOW!  The Libertarian Party

Where was I, oh yes, in Miami, anywaze: 

I am like alive and stuff, and not bangin' dope, because the pretty
lights, the eyes, the energy, God if ya will, is real, and I believe in
it.  I believe in it more than that consensual hallucination called
"reality."  I do my best to sift concepts and ideas through all that, and
see what resonates.  If I did not, then I would have gone down in flames a
long time ago.  Sometimes I do well, other times I'm an asshole, but I try
to do my best.

When I vibe that reality which is truth, and see what it resonates with...
I am simply NOT finding politics there at all...  Period.  If I look
around me at people I respect, and in some manner would desire to emulate,
because they appear to have MAINTAINED for years, sometimes decades,
within those states...  And look at what actions they have taken.  Not a
one started running around and organizing political movements, starting
wars, or attempted to ram their beliefs down everybody else's throat.

For the most part what they tend to do is hang out with those who are in
tune, and have similar beliefs.  They wrote, they created art, they made
music.  They did not run around the planet attempting to alter political

To end my rant type thing, the conclusions I personally have arrived at,
are VERY similar to what Preston articulated.  I do not think the
universe, or the world, needs to be saved.  I think it is doing just
super-fine.  The only thing you can save is yourself, and in some way --
usually different ways -- make the lives of those who are around you,
better.  You can shed some light.  Plus, also, try to be happy.  At least
some of the time.

Speaking of art, Dope has a wonderful little track on Felons and
Revolutionaries, called Pig Society (which is all 'bout cops, prisons,
the legal system, the war on drugs, and some random issues and things
that were on that guy's mind that day, whatever his name is), which sums
it all up. In fact, just the chorus sums it all up, it goes like, "Fuck
You, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU" repeat 900 times.

On [Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 03:44:22PM +0100], [Andria Efthimiou-Mordaunt] wrote:

| There are such huge issues in this debate, one of the reasons I feel so
| proud of PP, and even of myself on the ocassional good day I have! But you
| know this is the Ibogaine list
| PK; why don't you set up another list(!) where dopefiends from here can
| discuss al this, or should we stay as we are

Yeah sure, I can make a list/forum thing for it in 5 minutes.  I can --
any moment now -- drop it within the interface, with a DrugWar banner, and
a banner for your thing (Andria / Do you have a web site...?), I can
get Drew to take 5 minutes out of his busy schedule and tag up Drug War
all over sumthin; I meant to say, labor for weeks creating a centerpiece
art type thing; you and Preston are welcome to moderate it, MindVox will
generate more hits and more people reading the thing, then anything short
of erowid starting it up, and we're gonna pass erowid Any Minute Now...  

Do you guys want this?  If yes, no problem, you got it.  (Whatcha got in 5
minutes is the list, not the whole entire interface).


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