[ibogaine] Possibility of relapse after ibogaine?

Gamma gammalyte9000 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 9 14:46:44 EDT 2002

--- Brett Calabrese <bcalabrese at yahoo.com> wrote:
> The question was will/can ibogaine cause a relapse in
> someone who is clean/sober when they take the
> ibogaine, to that the answer is no. 

Ah, now that I see the original post It takes on a whole new meaning.

I would not garuantee a NO relapse situation tho. It all depends on the

Ibogaine could be very helpful for those folks who have been clean a while,
years even. But to say that it would not trigger a relapse is getting into
unknown territory, because as addicts we are vulnerable to relapse at any given
moment, in a variety of situations.

What is important is to check your motives. what are your intentions to do
Ibogaine? Cravings? Spiritual insights? A "Cure For Addiction"? (Rule that one
OUT) -Ibogaine does relieve cravings and can be highly useful to gain insight
(spiritual/emotional) into ones life, meaning, the roots of drug dependancy /
addiction / Dis-Ease.

I would certainly encourage people to try Ibogaine, but there are a lot of
unknowns post-ibogaine.


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