[ibogaine] to be more clear

Andria Efthimiou-Mordaunt AndriaEM at drugscope.org.uk
Tue Jul 9 10:22:48 EDT 2002

Curtis hi, andria from London/U.K. here

I too Ibogaine some time after I'd 'cleaned up'

I must admit, I did find it quite enhancing to my life; it settled me down,
I tend to do manic nos. frequently. The Ibogaine seemed to chill me out for
a few months and I just generally felt a lot more at peace with me/myself
and I

Go for it, if you have the time etc

Warm Regards

Andria E-Mordaunt 
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Didn't mean to ramble on and I wanted to make sure my question 
more clear so apologies for taking up space with two letters. 
Exactly what I'm asking is first would ibogaine make me feel any 
better if I'm down in the dumps a lot even if I've been clean for 
a while. More important has anyone who was ever doing good taken 
ibogaine and relapsed right after it? Is it something that can set 
you off?

Thanks, Curtis

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