[ibogaine] Possibility of relapse after ibogaine?

Brett Calabrese bcalabrese at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 9 08:26:01 EDT 2002

The question was will/can ibogaine cause a relapse in
someone who is clean/sober when they take the
ibogaine, to that the answer is no. Yes people do
relapse all the time trying to use ibogaine to get
clean. I am not saying it can't happen, just the
chances are in the low-nil range (IMO), it is not a
"get high" drug by any means and does not trigger
thoughts of using.

The other question (as I read it) is would ibogaine do
any good for someone who is clean but needs some help,
IMO, yes. Clean people (even those who have never done
drugs) have even gotten help from taking ibogain and I
have taken a few "boosters" myself (roughly 1/2 full
anti-addictive dose) with great success. If it wasn't
so absolutely disgusting and easier to do, I would do
it more often if I could - but it is NOT like I want
to run out and "get high" on ibogaine (as in trip),
no-one does (ever).

Howards answer is (IMO) 100% right on.

--- Gamma <gammalyte9000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I have never heard of anybody relapsing after
> taking
> > ibogaine. Howard who would know much better then
> > almost anyone I think said the same thing. I don't
> > think that's a big probable. You could though be
> the
> > first person to prove everyone wrong. :-) 
> > 
> > -carrie
> plenty of folks relapse after ibogaine, myself
> included.
> A Post Ibogaine follow plan is highly important, if
> not more important than the
> ibo treatment itself. returning to the same old will
> get you just that; the
> same old.
> follow up could be a major shift in lifestyle or at
> very least some level of
> commitment to work on the root issues of addiction,
> or as some folks like to
> call it, the Dis-Ease. Some of us surf, some of us
> see therapists, some of us
> practice meditation and some of us...
> -gamma
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