[ibogaine] Possibility of relapse after ibogaine?

Carrie Rollins carrierollins at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 9 01:21:59 EDT 2002

All of mindvox is weird, there are so many random
strange things that float through it it's like some
kind of psychedelic temple or patrick's brain blown
through a cuisinart :-) The temple is tagged up in
places but the second half is my own observation :-)
"When most adult's try to cross-connect the spirals of
rainbows they just end up with mud" you're lucky
you're not a adult patrick :-)

My advice is the same advice I've given before, switch
music already. Grunge is so dead and the reason it's
so dead is because all the artists are either OD'd or
too strung out to do anything anymore. Nobody out of
that scene some of you love so much lasted very long.
I can't imagine finding inspiration in a cd that went
platinum years after the guy who wrote and sang all of
it was dead, it's just depressing and I've dated
grungie guys, in the 90's that's all there was, temple
of the dog is a miserable unhappy cd about heroin
addiction and death. Dirt was a miserable happy cd
about heroin addiction because nobody was dead yet.
Change stations already! :-)

I have never heard of anybody relapsing after taking
ibogaine. Howard who would know much better then
almost anyone I think said the same thing. I don't
think that's a big probable. You could though be the
first person to prove everyone wrong. :-) 


--- Curtis  Hersch <crownofthorns72 at rediffmail.com>
> I've got to say this is inspirational and weirdly
> connected. I 
> looked at phantom.com for the first time in 5 years
> I entered it 
> for some reason and it blew my mind. Not only are
> you back but 
> that is so past awesome. I clicked two of the tabs
> on the 
> navigation and then sat there and looked at it, the
> tag line is 
> part of one of the greatest pieces of music that has
> even been 
> made. For some reason I wonder what happened to
> mindvox today and 
> it's there and I'm looking at a fragment from man of
> golden words! 
> You don't know what that means to me or maybe you
> do, Mother Love 
> Bone was it for me Shine and Apple are all I played
> when I was 
> trying to kick and when I couldn't handle the world
> any more I 
> would play both of those on my stereo and full blast
> until I 
> thought I wouldn't go score 5 minutes later.
> That's magic, everything you've done there is it's
> like I read it 
> and look at it and holy f*cking s*it man you're
> radiating through 
> all that. Right on!
> I've been reading about ibogaine all afternoon today
> and man do I 
> want to try it. I have got to ask I have been clean
> for 2 years 
> now, would doing up ibogaine help me to enter a
> better space? I'm 
> clean but my life isn't any of that I'm seeing on
> mindvox, my life 
> is trying to make it and not score today it's not
> nearly as bad as 
> it was back a ways but I would not say I'm doing
> good or happy. Is 
> there any kind of danger it might make me relapse
> after being 
> clean? I want to try it now so bad.
> Right on!
> Curtis
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