[ibogaine] to be more clear

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Mon Jul 8 19:23:25 EDT 2002

In a message dated 7/8/02 7:08:21 PM, crownofthorns72 at rediffmail.com writes:

<< Didn't mean to ramble on and I wanted to make sure my question 
more clear so apologies for taking up space with two letters. 
Exactly what I'm asking is first would ibogaine make me feel any 
better if I'm down in the dumps a lot even if I've been clean for 
a while. More important has anyone who was ever doing good taken 
ibogaine and relapsed right after it? Is it something that can set 
you off? >>


In answer to your first question, there is a good chance ibogaine would make 
you feel better but, there are no guarantees and it is not impossible you 
might feel worse.

Concerning your second question I know of no example where a person had not 
used for some time, took ibogaine and then relapsed.  However, you should not 
rule anything out.  You know you far better than we do.  It is often 
difficult if not impossible to tell what is going to happen to people who are 
right in front of you and you are somewhere in internet space.

It all really depends on who you are and what you want as well as, the 
general effects of ibogaine.  The very fact that you ask if using ibogaine 
would precipitate a relapse gives me some concern since I don't believe there 
is any such event described in the literature.  


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