[ibogaine] war on drugs

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at mindvox.com
Mon Jul 8 15:47:35 EDT 2002

On [Sun, Jul 07, 2002 at 10:57:51PM -0700], [Carrie Rollins] wrote:

| But I do want to understand the simple thing of what's
| the diff between the republicans, democrats, all these
| people as far as ibogaine is concerned? 

Not much; drug addiction ain't that interesting to those who are not
addicted to drugs.

| Did any of this get any better when Clinton was in the
| white house? I wasnt there or anything but it doesnt
| look like Bush has made any change at all. The
| libertarians I dont know what they want, thank you
| Vector :-) nothing with ibogaine in particular i dont
| think, they want to repeal all drug laws and most
| other laws from what I understand.

And when I am elected Supreme Ruler of Nevada, I will repeal ALL LAWS!  No
more lies and half-truths, "I keeled him ded, 'cuz like, I was in a bad
mood that day n' shit, choo got a problem wid dat meng?" 

This is Absolutely Correct because it has been CONCLUSIVELY PROVEN
<Pounding Podium> That hookers *do not* kill drugs with guns!  <Wiping
spittle from mouth>  Thank You, God Bless, Have a Great Night!

| So my original question and i'm sorry I keep asking it
| but nobody has answered it, is what difference does it
| make for ibogaine? none of these people act like it's
| a priority to them, not republican, not democrat, not
| anybody. What's anybody besides the people on this
| list doing? 

Not much, welcome to Reality (revision level: 2002).

| Nothing at all that I can see, the only marijuana
| people promoting is you Dana, I don't see ibogaine

This is because Dana UNDERSTANDS.

| I still will vote democrat because I'm not a rich
| person who made a lot of money or inhereted it, but
| dems, reps, same deal same shit same thing, I don't
| see any difference as far as ibogaine or the war on
| drugs is concerned.

There ain't one.  There is a "war on drugs," because if prohibition were
repealed, that world economy thing would collapse and go down the toilet,
entire third world nations would topple, there would be chaos, disasters,
swarms of locusts, anarchy!  Fuck yeah mahn!  

It *is* all the same shit, new day.  The only party with the courage to
Stand Up and Speak the TRUTH are the Libertarians!

Repeal ALL LAWS! 

We need to go back to a fully Feudal System of warring city states.

Uhm, nevermind, just clearing my head.


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