[ibogaine] How many??

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If this person wants to come to London, let me know. I will see if i can

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Thanks for the input.  I am speaking of one individual who is
considering ibogaine treatment...a friend of his is willing to go along
in order to monitor...thus the use of the term "they."  I have provided
links to ibogaine sites to both of them.  The user has tried methadone a
number of times, detoxed, and then ends up relapsing within a few
months. The friend who will accompany him is a non-user and is very
supportive...they've known each other since age 8 or 9.  Due to a number
of factors (mainly $), they can probably swing a "european vacation,"
but would be unable to afford to travel to Europe again for a year or
longer.  He is 26 years old, has no significant medical problems, is
unwilling to try methadone again, and has an awful lot to lose if daily
opiate use continues.

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>>> HSLotsof at aol.com 06/26/02 01:58PM >>>

In a message dated 6/26/02 1:04:10 PM, RickV at hnncsb.org writes:

>They have the means
>to possibly afford a european vacation for 4 or 5 days, but that's
>it.  I don't want to offer them false hope, but affording such a trip
>would likely tap them out and they wouldn't be able to afford regular
>ibogaine treatment.  
Hi Rick,

If your friends have read ibogaine.co.uk and ibogaine.org then they
have been 
given realistic assessments of what can be expected from ibogaine. That
not false hope.  That is reality.  Ibogaine, like every medication
works very 
well for some people and not well for others.  The majority of opiate 
dependent persons benefit from ibogaine and if your friends are active
it as good a way to get an opportunity to take a break from active
that I know.  Once, they are treated there perception and ability to
other decisions should be more open, particularly as they should no
longer be 
chemically dependent.  The hardest part is deciding to do ibogaine and
doing it.  It is frightening to consider that you may be a non-drug
addict in 
a day or two if you are strung out.

What do you mean by regular ibogaine treatment?  Also, you mention
patient and then use the term "they" (not quoted above).  Are we
talking one 
or two people?  


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