war on drugs

Carrie Rollins carrierollins at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 5 16:40:16 EDT 2002

I clicked through some of the links under Mindvox and
most of them I've seen before but this one I haven't,
then I noticed that drugwar also links it. What
exactly is the Cato institute?

What it's saying is the same thing all the anti-drug
war people have been saying for a long time, but it's
doing it in a very unemotional way. I've been reading
the rest of the site and I guess it's a Libertarian
Party site, but what they look like they want to do is
throw the entire government into the garbage. It's not
just the war on drugs, they look like they disagree
with almost everything.

I think I'm a Democrat at least I've voted that way
before, but I'm not sure things got any better under
Clinton, did they? The Republicans want to keep the
war on drugs going why? I'm not clear on that either.
The Libertarians just want to get rid of the entire
government period and every site of theirs has a huge
anti drug war section.

Who out of all this wants to keep the war on drugs
going??? And who is doing anything to support
ibogaine, it doesn't look like really anybody except
the people on this list and what they do offlist.

Did I miss something obvious? I'm getting confused.

Oh yes, Cato is http://www.cato.org


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