[ibogaine] Da Ibogaine List Type Thing

Andria Efthimiou-Mordaunt AndriaEM at drugscope.org.uk
Fri Jul 5 12:40:19 EDT 2002

Hey PK

Happy 'independence' day!

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From: Patrick K. Kroupa [mailto:digital at mindvox.com]
Sent: 05 July 2002 17:26
To: ibogaine at mindvox.com
Subject: [ibogaine] Da Ibogaine List Type Thing

To all the people who have just landed here: welcome, God bless, peace be
with you, etcetera.  We are scheduled to Storm the Reality Studio --
checking watch -- Any Minute Now!

Some of you -- who actually appear to be quite interesting people,
including two or three from Africa who are dosing people with ibogaine for
the express purpose of getting them unsprung...?  Dat's a new one, very
cool -- seem to be writing extremely detailed and thoughtful messages to
the *-subscribe daemon.  PLEASE NOTE: it's just an autoresponder, it will
not hold a conversation with you, it does not understand anything you ask
or tell it besides the commands you have permissions to run.  In short:
nobody is reading any of that, it's going off into oblivion.

To write a message to everybody on this list, send email to:
ibogaine at mindvox.com  If you need to ask me something which only I can
answer -- then mahn are you in trouble; I meant to say, you can send me
email, but it would prolly be a better idea to just toss it into the list.

As of this moment pretty much everybody who has ever dosed drug dependent
human beings with ibogaine is reading this list.  A large variety of
people who have gotten unsprung using ibogaine, at more or less every
treatment provider on the planet, are also here.  Ask away.  Somebody will
have insights to offer you.

Karina: congratulations.  Rock out, you go girl.  Ibogaine will getcha
unsprung, after that, you seem to be fixated on sleep disturbances,
possibly because you hafta go back to work and reality soon thereafter.

Speaking for myself I had massive sleep problems after ibogaine 1, where I
came off a daily intake of 200mg methadone + 2 grams heroin + 12mg Xanax,
just about the only way I could knock myself down was chloral hydrate,
which I wouldn't strongly suggest; and it's not like it mattered much
since I relapsed 10 minutes after getting off the plane at San Juan.

Take II was considerably different.  Right now I use sublingual melatonin,
which as Dana will explain is the Correct Answer to Nearly Everything...
Whut was the question again?

To all the people who have landed here post-Mexico or pre-Mexico
treatment; once again: Hi, hullo, welcome.  I have absolutely no idea what
exactly to tell you, having never done ibogaine there.  But there are at
least 10 or 15 of you subscribed to this thing, so like, perhaps, talk
amongst yourselves or sumthin' <shrug>. 

God bless us all, everyone.


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