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Hi, andria said "whoever" I was....

I guess for purposes of this list, I am someone who has taken ibogaine twice; both times astonishing, though in different ways.  The first was a mega-night and day and night and about a year of amazing visions and miscellaneous healing experiences, the second, less spectacular but turned out to be precognitive in almost all details.   

I'm a friend of Bwiti, I guess.  My ally, a la Castaneda.I wrote a poem about it called "The Drumming of Eboka."  Maybe you've seen it, as it gets around, but if you haven't and want to I will post it.  I believe it was Andria who led me to think such postings were inappropriate for this list.

I am a lover of diversity, however that's framed, and however difficult.  The shamanic plants and tribal ways of knowing and relating are endangered, and just one of the odd and frightening things about that, to me, is that  "individuality" is somehow sometimes used as the devastating weapon to destroy them.  It's complicated.  But I think everyone here groks what I mean, at least from what I've read so far.  Biodiversity and all diversities are the universe.  

For the mundane bio stuff, I work as an assistant editor, in academia, and occasionally freelancing.  I live currently in a small college town, though I'm a city girl at heart,  and I'm INFP (I believe someone said something about "S-J" recently, same system of classification, different preferences), and I only occasionally relate to such classifications.  

Well, enuf about me........Jane

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