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Tue Jul 2 16:27:18 EDT 2002

I just returned from Holland after eating a natural extract from the 
rootbark of the tabernathe eboga plant(called Ibogaine-which is a 
hydrochloride- I took a natural extract made by only 1 person on the 
planet as far as I know(you can call me Carl from Copenhagen he 
said).  An Israeli "earth mother" was my therapist/guide on my 72 
hours of ingesting 5 1/2 grams of the eboga extract.  I was addicted 
to heroin.  As soon as I felt the beginning of withdrawal symptoms I 
ate about 1/2 gram of the eboga- the most bitter substance I ever 
tasted- and its known as the bitterwood in Africa.  After eating the 
eboga- which you can feel scrubbing and cleaning and detoxing every 
cell in your being, I pissed and the toilet bowl turned a deep black 
color like death!  I was pissing death and poison out of my system. 
I am now acting as Sara's screener and preregistraton person.  If you 
are addicted to heroin, methadone, crack, ice, speed, cocaine, 
alcohol, prescription narcotic drugs, etc. and wish to end the cycle 
of despair and misery being an addict, then contact me if you wish to 
be reborn while suffering no withdrawal symptoms.  It works.  I did 
it and I had a $300 a day heroin habit along with other addictions. 
You too can reclaim your life.  Life or death.  If you choose the 
path of light and consciousness and life and loving and caring and 
giving again then contact me via phone at 802-4962387 or write Denny 
Lane at P.O. Box 537 in Waitsfield, Vt. 05673
I can help you help yourself.  No shit!  This is for real.  Are you? 
Are you ready to live again?  Awaiting your call- any afternoon or 
night til midnite ect.  Peace and love,  Denny Lane
ps  Would appreciate your passing this along to as many people as 
possible.  Getting yet another chance to live, I feel like I'm on a 
mission from God to help people end their addictions.  Appreciate any 
assistance you might render for that cause.

"Those  that are willing to give up essential liberties for more 
security wind up with neither nor deserve either"  Ben Franklin

Upon being liberated from a Nazi concentration camp, a Pastor Martin 
Niehmohler was asked what happened.  His reply was "First they came 
for the communists and trade unionists.  Then they came for the Jews 
and Gypsies.  Then they came for the Catholics and I was a 
Protestant.  Then they came for me and there was no one left out to 
stand up and speak out". 
Don't let history repeat itself- stand up and speak out!
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