[ibogaine] My friend is currently detoxing from alcohol addiction

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  I promise you I will begin including your brother in my prayers.  I believe that God answers prayers on His time not ours.  Everything happens for a reason-there are no accidents.
  Perhaps your brother just hasn't reached "his bottom" yet.  Enabling him only lengthens the time he continues using-sometimes we have to really suffer or have nothing left to hold onto before we change...and then if we are lucky, we fall on our knees and call out to God to HELP US- for the final time.  Sometimes it takes several tries before he (your brother) may get it right.
  God Bless,
  Linda Kay
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    I have a hard time with "the Lord will deliver him from his torment" thing.  I have a brother who has,  and still is killing me inside from his excessive drinking. 
    It always begins as a recreational thing just as heroin addiction and it's still legal.  He has been in rehab 7 times, every hospital in the city of Chicago at least 5 times after being found in the dead of winter,  dead drunk in someone yard. 

    As much as it hurts to admit that I have enabled him by giving him money to make him go away, or layed down credit cards for  48 day stays in  motels so he wouldn't freeze to death.  Oh Lord please help him I would cry. 
    I have prayed and prayed for him, and while in dry out bins he has accepted the Lord, only to come out and start all over. 
    I can only blame it on a father and mother who did nothing for him, nor cared enough for him to give him a proper life. 
    Can I blame him for using an enabler?  Why does God enable us to enable? 
    Please pray for my brother. 


    Hi Alexis, just to butt in a bit a week or so late, I'd like to say that you're also not tied to your brother. I lived with mine, who's a long-term heroin addict, basically helping him with stuff, for a couple of years and eventually saw the light and threw him out. 

    It's tough but I also realized how many of my own trips and issues I was holding in place by allowing him to have such a dependent relationship with me. If he died I'd be very upset and no doubt go through a big period of self-blame stuff but I know inside that that stuff is bullshit and I'd come through OK in the end.

    I totally don't have copies of any replies anyone else gave you to this or what else you said so I apologize in advance if any of this was covered or you knew anyway, but I'd say check out why YOU allowed a dependent relationship like this to happen (if you did, and saying 'because he's my brother' isn't enough) and then move from there. Worked for me.

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