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Hiya, sorry it took so long to continue. It's an interesting point, but the thing is....if someone's putting stuff out, then they are looking for input. Maybe they're not consciously aware of it, but the subconscious is still speaking. So the question is....what do they need? You get ranters on this site, it's a good example of this stuff, the conscious mind is putting out anger, whatever, but underneath this are a load of other needs checking things out.

When someone comes onto you like...you MUST do 12 step, it's the only way; you MUST believe in God, it's the only way; you must do polarity therapy, it's the only way; whatever....they're saying one thing consciously, but underneath they're saying 'I'm scared and I want you to support me'. If you can get the person to see this and express it, instead of continuing to project their needs, they'll move on.


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  Mmh, it might be that you are better able to point things out like this; i've a tendency to believe that if someone gets stuck, there is a purpose (usually self-protection) to their stuckness, and i should leave em to it. And u's into pushing people out of the comfort zone?

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      Nick, leave the lassy alone! You may be right and everything, but she means well. 
      She's coming from a loving place; that's ultimately all i ever care about. 

      Naive? yep, that's me, and I don't wanna sound ungrateful for your support, cos I do appreciate it, but I'm a sorta big gal now, I can handle it.

      How ya doing these days anyway; never see anyone apart from 'on' this list!

      Andria E-

      Hi Andria, I'm good, living down at a commune called Osho Leela in Dorset and having a great time. back in london for a couple of days at the moment letting my flat out to hempman Tony. don't know about the eden project gig, btw, try hats maybe.

      Didn't think I was being unfair to Linda, just trying to point out a little of how the mind works. 

      12 steppers go to places like this too. They get to somewhere where the process is getting scary but instead of speaking about this they just start pushing the fear outward trying to pressurize others to join them in the journey. it's a routine thing and imo you gotta pull people up for it. once they start to talk about their fear things'll get easier. It's a protection and it's necessary for a while, but people really do get stuck here and go on to spend their whole lives proseletysing, never getting another glance in the mirror. Just wanted to bring a little general clarity here, not being personal about Linda who I'm sure is a lovely person.

      lots of love


      ps. posting this to list as I figure others are interested in this stuff, hope you don't mind.

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