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Jellking jellking at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 1 22:56:43 EDT 2002

Someone wrote (sorry, this thread is ongoing and complex and I've lost the "source"): "I don't think it matters how much ibogaine you do or not, you cannot remain "sober" if all you are is a inflated ego and empty shell. Which very much to my regret DP conferences are full of. If that is all you are, you will be back to whatever you were on very fast. Every addict I have known again no matter how they did it, has some sort of real inner core and strength. They have the ability to get real and cut the shit. "

Personally, I think that "inflated ego" is just as harmful and destructive an addiction as that to any drug.  It MAY not take your body to such visible or experiential highs and lows, but despite appearances to the contrary, it can be a killer.  and can leave trails of damaged people in its wake, etc.  Just my humble 2 cents!  Jane  

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