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Rhafner77 at cs.com Rhafner77 at cs.com
Mon Jul 1 09:22:20 EDT 2002

Karina ( pretty name)
Heres wishing you good luck, & please keep us posted. Many of us believe as 
You , that `our govt`. has an `agenda` re: us dopers.  Another fnal solution 
brrrrrr. Again, good luck in T.J. (well, Rosarita beach), An Ibogaine 
treatment center there could help save a lot of lives, I`m from  L.A., & I 
know how much of a drug problem exists there. You  take care down there now, 
its a wierd place, I spent a lot of time there in years past. I always made 
it back safely, but I know some who didn`t. 
                best regards, larry-
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