I woke up this morning...

Rick Venglarcik RickV at hnncsb.org
Mon Jul 1 06:49:07 EDT 2002

I kissed my sleeping wife and children goodbye and drove to work. The
Sun was yawning brightly over the horizon and the Chesapeake Bay
shimmered and glittered with the dancing light.  It is another glorious
day to be alive.

I arrived at work at 6:05.  At 6:07 the receptionist handed me
Jennifer's obituary.  She was only 22.  Died last Thursday. Viewing was
yesterday. Funeral today.  Got on methadone about a year or two ago. She
was pretty bright...all A's in high school.  Went to college for a
couple of years.  Then dope claimed her.  Naive and beautiful, she was
about 5' 9", with long beautiful blonde hair, and her eyes still held
the brightness of youth.  Whenever I saw her, I thought..."Barbie...with
a few problems."  Always chipper and friendly, I hoped that youthful
fortitude would see her through.  Over time, she fell in with the wrong
crowd, forgetting once again that she was sick and tired of doing dope. 
After lots of interventions, she was finally required to detox off of
methadone.  Before she completed her withdrawal from methadone, she
found someone willing to pay for ultra-rapid detox.  Afterward, she was
weak as a kitten, but for the past few months had done fine...she had
the naltrexone insert...and she was hopeful once again for a drug-free
future.  But she died Thursday at 22.

I wonder if things would have been different if Ibogaine were to flow
in the streets.

It is still a bright and sunny day, but it seems a bit less glorious.

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