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Carla Barnes carlambarnes at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 1 06:18:48 EDT 2002

Hi Karina and congrats on going for ibogaine! I'd
write something much longer to say hi but I really
have to get off the computer right now, I've spent way
too much time reading things that made me laugh all
morning. Which reminds me come on Patrick you and
Preston and whoever should do something with all those
domains, you have two more going nowhere! Bush so
totally did know.

Carla B

--- Mzzthangg13 at aol.com wrote:
> hi i am karina i am going on 7/11-7/15 to get off
> `100 mg of methadone i have 
> researched it and talked to the doctor and Howard
> lotsof....i am ready i live 
> a normal life work, movies have not done heroin but
> 2 times in12 yrs have 
> been with my husband who is straight for 6
> yrs...........i got back on 
> methadone not for heroin it was after my
> hysterectomy i was taking Demerol 
> then i do not know why i wanted methadone and was
> buying it off the 
> street..so i have tried to get off before and also i
> have hep  not active...i 
> am ready to get off meth i have been on it this time
> for 2yrs....i went to 
> last yr inpatient in a hospital they took me off the
> meth in 3 days but gave 
> me all at once 
> prexa,seroquil.......i do not remember 1 month i
> stopped the pills i was 
> taking moms xanax had a seizure and got back on
> methadone...anyway this is 
> the last hope for me i cannot afford rapid detox the
> damm us i think has 
> something for withdrawals and is holding back cause
> these clinics are federal 
> right so it's all about $$$$they do not care about
> us the clinics will detox 
> you but i have to work i cannot stay home till feel
> better you know what i 
> mean sorry i hate them they have something for us
> and will not give it  to 
> us...so ibogaine is it for me thank you karina

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