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JONATHAN R. ARMSTRONG jonarmst at du.edu
Wed Feb 27 14:42:55 EST 2002

It's a long shot, but is the molecular structure of hydergine in any way
similar to ergotamine, ergonovine, etc?  It would be interesting if there
was a legal ergot-derivative that could be used to some sort of deviant
end if someone were so inclined - now they just need to sell diethylamine
OTC and we'll have LSD labs galore in the suburbs!

I'm just a bit reluctant to try anything that fucks with the blood flow to
my head too much.  Ginkgo always gives me a headache - not sure why, but
there's some "issue" with the left side of my neck that gives me all sorts
of pains.  In fact, just recently I had a three-week migraine attack off
and on that seemed to resist any sort of intervention.  For starters, my
M.D. prescribed me an SSRI for anxiety (gee, THANKS) and gave me Fiornal,
which is essentially caffeine and barbituate.  This all started after I
got some random shooting pain in the left side of my head out of nowhere.
I simply could not get rid of the constant ensuing migraines over the
subsequent weeks until I just stopped drinking coffee after I read this:


It makes a whole lot of sense, as my stimulant (esp. caffeine) consumption
has been really bad over the past several years - even though I don't use
illegal stuff (very very rarely) anymore constant use of caffeine did, I
think, put me in a constant hypertense state, with what I would imagine to
be a bit of neurotoxicity as well.  I believe this constant overexcitation
due to the daily 16 oz. cup caused my body to be unable to accept any
sorta coca/amphetamine derivative, which is fine, as I'm not a big fan
anyway, but I could tell there was something going on besides just plain
'ol psychosomatic burnout.  At any rate, a fine example of iatrogenic
diagnosis - and the whole SSRI thing is bullshit too, don't get me
started - I'm sure the caffeine in the pills just exacerbated my
condition, which is why I had a throbbing pain for almost a month.  I've
now been pain-free for almost two weeks, and although it's harder to get
by without that morning cup, well worth it.

In the meantime, no LSD (need to meet some 16 year old friends, can't find
it anywhere) although a friend of mine is comin' out in here
in a week with a dozen vials and I've got a brand new box of "BD
Ultra-Fine II Short Needles" in my desk drawer at home.  He's also
bringing some exotic phenethylamine, 2-CI, which should be interesting.
Not a huge PT fan but always up for the novelty, ya know?  The whole K
situation is a bit touchy right here, because my "significant other", who
turned her back on me to hang out with some guy who wears PHAT PANTS (and
is 33 years old, and is into antique motor scooters, wears those
black-rimmed "art/indie rock" glasses, a real winner, but he LISTENED TO
HER, that's what was important!)... well anyway, stupid story made short,
she brought back a huge stash from MX and he pretty much stole ALL of it,
and there goes the one thing that is guaranteed to keep me in a good mood.
I swear, it's like a miracle drug for me, if I use it regularly I can
"externalize/disassociate" from my own mental processes.  It's like
instead of getting depressed, depression-causing things just take on this
abstract quality, like kids starving in Africa - you know it
exists, it sucks, but it's not really THERE.

Well, anyway, so one last thing to confirm the whole caffeine hypothesis
(which I could write a lot more on)... this weekend I went out randomly,
and a friend of mine basically forced these blue pills down my throat, and
they had methamphetamine (i.e., a LOT) in them, and while my heart was
beating ~200 BPM or so, I didn't feel like I was going to die.  Nor was
the heartbeat particularly tachyardic.  So, I would imagine that after two
weeks of not stimulating my heart at all it had no chronic hypertension,
and that perhaps in fact it just needed a "break".  There are, of course,
tons more relevant implications re: neurochemistry to go itno here, but
i'll cut this long 'un off while it's still readably short...


Jonathan R. Armstrong jonarmst at du.edu

"Addiction is a lousy concept."
                            -John C. Lilly

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, Patrick K. Kroupa wrote:

> What REALLY works is drinking 2 gallons of coffee (which I've just started
> doing).  But to continue this series of thoughts; hydergine also has
> noticible effects in intensifying experiences while using lower doses of
> LSD (lower doses defined as the 2-3mg range (not 200-300mcg).  When you do
> the bellows-breathe, hyperventilating type thing, to amp up the energy,
> it's like tossing in a supercharger; same for slowing down your breathing,
> or stopping altogether for a while; which makes the lines of
> light/eyes/your perception of what you are, expand to football stadium
> sized and beyond...
> None of this has proved beneficial in terms of "recall" since most of what
> you recall when coming down will be fragments of moments wherein you
> created some sort of "anchor" to a tangible object/person/moment in
> consensual reality, whilst in that other, larger space; and the
> information you cross-connect while in the process of coming down,
> reintegrating your ego boundaries.
> Dunno what it does for special K.  Perhaps we should conduct a study =)
> My neurological advisor Mr. Ross, has expressed that the key is throwing
> in methamphetamine, nitrous, and X, into the mix.  My other neurological
> advisor, Dr. Mash, has expressed that we are all completely fucking
> insane, and it's a miracle 2% of our cognitive ability still remains.
> Not me, I dunno who wrote this crazy nonsense.

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