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Mark David Green markdavidgreen at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 17 13:44:36 EST 2002

Here's some mail since you never answer your personal email.

Welcome back to life, Mindvox is beautiful, this ibogaine junk which you've 
plastered all over everything is interesting and different but nothing has 

First of all, why don't you take a look at the sites you link out to. 
Libertarian party? Grow up and get a clue, Mindvox hits higher then the 
entire libertarian party headquarters site. The drug sites you link are 
being read for exactly one reason, you run banners for them on mindvox. 
Ibogaine Research from what I can see has had 80% of its content removed for 
some reason and you are still the highest hitting ibogaine site in the 
world, despite promoting it nowhere, not bothering to list in dmoz and not 
doing anything except pointing people to it from mindvox.

It's all very interesting, beautifully made and on pcdata and nielson 
netratings you have insane hit counts.

Except nothing has changed. I look at the former LOD alumni and it's all the 
same story, you run around commit crimes, get a lot of press, reform, that 
lasts for 4 maybe 5 years at most and suddenly you're all back on America's 
most wanted. And its always exactly, exactly the same story, week 1 "we're 
different and grown up and changed" news story one week later "the same guys 
who said that are wanted in relation to 10 felonies they made bail and 
vanished, the FBI and SS have started another manhunt."

By 2004 you'll either all be minted out for mindvox or back on america's 
most wanted for the 3rd or 4th time?

All of your sites are exactly the same, Justin Peterson/Steal, 
Goggans/Bloodaxe, Kim/Kimble, Poulson/Dante, Mitnick/Condor, you people. 
Your entire web sites for all of you is some huge monument to your ego, 
which contains a media kit that scrolls off into infinity with your 5000 
appearances in books, mags, movies, whatever. Only difference with mindvox 
is you write well and have hot artwork. Neither one is going to help much in 

All the same tune. You're all a bunch of high IQ sociopaths who "go down in 
flames" at least twice a decade, pick yourselves up, go to prison, detox, 
swimming pools of LSD or ibogaine, whatever...  Then you behave for a little 
while and then it all starts again. Same story never a change.

Good luck you'll need it and lose the stupid libertarian party links 
already. I mean really give it up people who is reading their shit? Look at 
mindvox, it's drug induced ranting and psychedelic art and there are more 
people reading your stuff then there are reading the entire lp.org site. If 
you hate the Republicans then go vote for a Democrat or steal something for 
humanity and fix the next election.


I may be ranting but it's all fact based, look up the lp.org stats and then 
bury it in a hole somewhere.

"exhibits a to z" as you like to write.

http://www.kimble.org (send Kim email in prison)
http://www.agentsteal.com (send Justin email on the run)
http://www.securityfocus.com (now that ZDnet has removed all of Poulsen's 
articles and sued him)

I can't forget my favorite, Tom Dell's hobby which hits higher then hotmail. 
Tom's photos vs. 60 million people checking their email and Tom wins with 15 
to 20 million hits a day on one of his 20 personal sites. Welcome to the 
apocalypse for real.


The last thing I have to say is I'm saying my opinion I'm allowed to do 
that. I have noticed that idiot 3l33t 3nt1tY whoever he is or more likely 
its a lot of you, is back. If I even suspect that my phones are tapped or 
someone is going through my credit records or bank records I am not having a 
hacker war, I am calling the FBI, Secret Service and Attorney General 
immediately and they can dig up the 20 boxes of information they already 
have on all of you and this time you can all go to prison for terrorism 
instead of another slap on the wrist.

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