only read if you have info on 2-ct-2 or other tryptamines

Nicholas Labus goosebumpz2002 at
Mon Dec 9 10:04:21 EST 2002

what is the current status of 2-ct-2?legally? hasd anyone any exsperience with dpt? I am wondering about other legal tryptamines?
 "Ethnogarden Botanicals Corp." <ethnogarden at> wrote:It is my understanding it is a selective MOAI inhibitor focusing on the MAOI B. This is far less a risk then a MAOI A inhibitor and food precautions are not as necessary. I have always been of the belief that avoiding food for minimum 4-6 hours prior to be required for proper absorption ect. Please correct me if I am wrong or misinformed in this information.----- Original Message ----- From: Ustanova Iboga To: ibogaine at Sent: Monday, December 09, 2002 9:46 AMSubject: [ibogaine] before & after IBOgaine
Hi all,

does anyone has a good list of food, beverages, medicinations and other 
stuff one should avoid before and after IBOgaine ingestion? (IBOgaine being 
MAO antagonist...)

Thank you,


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