[ibogaine] Ibo & residual Oxycontin withdrawels

Ustanova Iboga Iboga at guest.arnes.si
Fri Aug 30 14:54:35 EDT 2002

Hi Captain,

Are you sure that you took HCl? I mean, you took 35,7 mg/kg as the first 
dose, then 2 days later 18,5 mg/kg, and 4 days after this (if I understand 
it correct) another 18,5 mg/kg... This means that in less than a week you 
took 5,1 g or 72,8 mg/kg/week of HCl... Who gave you that much???

(sorry, I don't feel competent to answer your questions)


At 20:18 30.8.2002, you wrote:

>   Here's the approximate breakdown on my Ibo treatment.
>Initial dose four weeks ago: 2 1/2 g HCL.
>2 days later: 1.3 g HCL.
>6 days later: 1.3 g HCL.
>I weigh 70 kg.  Hope that covers the details needed for my questions.

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