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Oh. I guess I've been thinking that since all poppies contain some degree of opiates, they are all governed the same.
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  Growing "opium poppy", having pods, opium poppy
  straw... is STRICTLY ILLEGAL, it is listed in the
  schedule of controlled substances (spelled out) -
  viable seeds are legal. 

  Growing other poppies, even ones containing
  morphine/codeine... is legal, extracting any of the
  goodies isn't. There are many kinds of poppies, the
  ones in sold in dried flower shops in the US are not
  likely to be opium poppy, that does not mean they
  won't have opiates in them, just a bit of a different
  mix of alkaloids and typically, less morphine.

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  > As far as I know, the laws here in the US governing
  > growing poppies are about the same, as are those
  > governing their use. Growing is cool, using is not
  > cool
  >     One can also simply break apart the dried pods
  > and boil those, easily obtained at some dried flower
  > shops, for a nice, tranquil tea that won't do all
  > that much, but does do something. (Sometimes they
  > have flecks of opium sap dried on their outer skin
  > too.) Adding a Red Zinger tea bag, or even Earl
  > Grey, helps the taste, as does sugar/honey.
  >     Of course, did I just break The Law by
  > explaining that?
  > Peace,
  > Preston
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  > poppy
  >   In NZ a lot of people grow their own poppies or
  > pinch other peoples cos they
  >   can't get heroin very easy and its lots and lots
  > cheaper or costs nothing.
  >   . The climate seems to suit them and they grow
  > like weeds even from a packet
  >   of seeds from the supermaket.   I don't know about
  > other countries but its
  >   legal to grow the opium poppies here but not to
  > cut or use them. Its a very
  >   raw product when baked over a kitchen stove and
  > also lots rougher on the
  >   system but affordability and availability have a
  > lot to do with it.  There
  >   is also a habit of boiling up poppy seeds and
  > drinking them here but I'm not
  >   so clued up with that one.  As far as I know it
  > tastes revolting but
  >   quietens the system from withdrawal and gives a
  > degree of high.
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  >   >
  >   >Pubdate: Sat, 24 Aug 2002
  >   >Source: Globe and Mail (Canada)
  >   >Copyright: 2002, The Globe and Mail Company
  >   >Contact: letters at globeandmail.ca
  >   >Website: http://www.globeandmail.ca/
  >   >Details: http://www.mapinc.org/media/168
  >   >Author: Dawn Walton
  >   >Bookmark: http://www.mapinc.org/heroin.htm
  > (Heroin)
  >   >
  >   >
  >   >The opium poppy is the deadly cash crop of
  > Afghanistan, with heroin profits
  >   >going to fund terrorist groups. As DAWN WALTON
  > reports, scientists in
  >   >Calgary are attempting to alter the plant to
  > produce only codeine, to offer
  >   >farmers a safe, legal alternative to the opiate
  > trade
  >   >
  >   >
  >   >In Afghanistan and Myanmar, the world's two
  > leading producers of opium
  >   >poppies destined for the illicit heroin trade,
  > officials show how seriously
  >   >they take the war on drugs by seizing plants and
  > burning them publicly.
  >   >
  >   >In Canada, the battle is being fought in the lab.
  >   >
  >   >Researchers at the University of Calgary are
  > trying to genetically modify
  >   >opium poppies, scientifically known as Papaver
  > somniferum, to make them
  >   more
  >   >virile in the production of codeine, but at the
  > same time render them
  >   >impotent in the creation of morphine, the key
  > ingredient in heroin.
  >   >
  >   >URL:
  > http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v02.n1573.a01.html
  >   >
  >   >------------------------------
  >   >
  >   >

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