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I can only imagine.  Reminds me of a guy that used to work for our
organization.  He was into boxing, karate, etc.  He woke up about 2 or 3
am and couldn't get back to sleep.  So he decided to make the best of
it.  Went outside and was shadow-boxing and practicing his forms in his
own front yard...someone calls the cops...they show up and bug him for
30-45 minutes, getting in his face with flashlights, asking him what he
was using, etc.  Then they advised him that he needed to go back inside
or practice in his back-yard...OR THEY'D ARREST HIM for creating a
distrubance, being a public nuisance, or some other crock of BS.

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>>> ptpeet at nyc.rr.com 08/30/02 07:15AM >>>
LOL! Brilliant!
I can just picture it, a group of people standing in a public park
laughing uproariously to themselves for 15 minutes...hmmm...wonder what
the NYPD would do? "Hey, we got this group of people have a group
psychosis...send the paddy wagon."
    Still, what a great idea.
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  Free antidepressant ,

  everymorning in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam , there is a group of

  having a laugh therapy for depression , 

  they just stand there for 15 minutes and laugh as hard as they can ,

  then the go home happy again , that's really free and anybody can do
it ,

  just start and  look at the clock for 15 min. a day . 

  good luck,


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