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What do you mean, Alias you?
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  This really will be my last letter. PLEASE PLEASE

  These are starting to pop up all over google. If you
  skip google and go to blog stat sites something really
  weird is happening with your letter that is not a
  article. It's finding a bigger audience then every
  other piece of ibogaine related anything anyone has
  ever written. Including you. 

  Giving you more opinions and reasons why kenrkappel and
  mrmittens hit higher then ibogaine anything, you should
  know all this already considering what you do with
  mindvox. Do more of what you do with mindvox, with

  Your sarcastic, funny, bullshit free personal email
  about ibogaine is spreading and being cross blogged all
  over. People who are not addicts are reading it and
  finding it interesting instead of clicking to the next

  Fruit loop spiritual warriors take note.



  Monde (@: %MCI email not defined.%) (url: %MCI url not
  defined.%) yakked on 26 July 2002:

  Bill St. Clair, creator of one of my favourite blogs,
  End the War on Freedom, sends us notice of a letter he
  received from Patrick Kroupa, describing an ibogaine
  success story.

  Ibogaine, the extract of the Tabernathe iboga root
  native to Africa, has been cited as a psychotropic
  treatment for opiate addiction that has shifted some
  addicts off heroin, methadone and/or pain meds.

  Unlike most writings on the subject found at Cures Not
  Wars, a harm-reduction site dedicated to ibogaine, I
  found this to be refreshingly clear of the sort of
  florid spiritualism most ibogaine devotees seem to find
  an essential aspect of the treatment. He points out
  that what ibogaine did for him was essentially "do a
  reset on the brain" and convince him his addiction was
  not hardwired, as he believed it to be.

  He points out that it is not a cure. He claimed that it
  just gave him his ability to decide again.

  Naturally, since it's a psychotropic, it's not legal in
  this country. Sigh. 

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