[ibogaine] A Rosarito Beach Story

Mzzthangg13 at aol.com Mzzthangg13 at aol.com
Mon Aug 26 14:54:52 EDT 2002

oh my God that sounds like me i was in rosarito beach 7/12....and everything 
happen like your friend was their for 5 days i left too early cxause the 2nd 
day i got home i wanted to chop my legs off they hurt so much .....i went  to 
the ER 5 times.....I'm still off methadone but i used 1 time and now i  then 
i starts taking vicodins  klonipins and codine.....but now i am only taking 
trazadone and seroquil plus clonodine.........i read that i thought you 
talking about me lol.......
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