[ibogaine] Question ::: HCL incremental doseage over time

Rhafner77 at cs.com Rhafner77 at cs.com
Sun Aug 25 17:05:28 EDT 2002

 I`m following your posts about kikking methadone& the thing that I don`t 
understand, is why??
Is methadone so bad as to put yourself <& family> thru all this crap?? I 
don`t mean to be judgemental or anything like that, my heart goes out to You. 
I just don`t understand what s the big deal about methadone. 
Personally, it seems like medicine one takes for an illness. Can You describe 
the problems that methadone causes You? 
 I`m hoping      things work out for You, but issn`t it possable to deal with 
this in another way? I`m just sorry You can`t find a `happy medium` take 
care, & wishing You the best, larry t.
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