[ibogaine] For Karina with love we care

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Best wishes and love Karina.  It does get better and your doing really well so far.  Hang in there and keep going.  I suppose most of us have been back and forwards lots and its not easy but it feels good when you get there.     From Allison
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    Hey Karina
    And less of the self-flagellation honey! Know how many times I went through this roundabout, not to mention many thousands of other addict drug users.
    You are doing fine; you are staying on course with your decision to stop and that's what you need to focus on, NOT beating up on yourself
    Which Rehab will you be going into? Is it Minesssotta or something else?
    Be kind to U
    Love and solidarity
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        hi i am still off methadone but i am a  big fuck up i got strubg out on vicodin and codine tomorrow i am going to rehab.....they will detox me and them tyry to help me stay off drugs......i asked my husband if he wanted to divorce me cause i am a no good addict he said no he loved me very much and will stick it out     that made me happy......i just do not know what my problem is.....i know better and still do drugs......1st they will detox me then try and help me find a way to stay off drugs..........i feel so bad for my husband it's like i cannot help myself.....i am 41 and have been on drugs my whole life except in jail.......i don't know how to stay clean but the rehab said they will help me.......i will write again when i am home...... 
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