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Sounds like you got a lot of positive stuff out of your voyage there Curtis, glad to hear that. Someone else asked me out of the blue the other day if I'd ever tried ibogaine. Rueful grin, nope.
    But the more I read....
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  > I wanted to say hey to everyone I have been not here lately and
  > having massive experiences.
  > I weigh 175 and I did 1 gram and whoever said you do not
  > hallucinate I don't know what they did because you fucking trip
  > balls. That is like a freight train bro, you trip and it knocks
  > you on your ass! I could not walk I was shaky for a day.
  > Man I will write more I want to share so much but it's like my
  > mind will not cooperate right now and I'm tired.
  > Shout outs to patrick and preston and all the crazies! I'd ask
  > where you went except I'm watching parts of mindvox blowing open
  > and reading drugwar. So I know where both of you are spending
  > time. Man this is so cool. The Drugwar list kicks, you got some
  > massively smart people there preston, I am reading it when I
  > opened my mail it's like holy shit! 400 new messages in a few
  > days. Right on!
  > I have realized that this whole trip is like a spiritual vibe that
  > is cool in so many ways. Do you really know what you know all the
  > time patrick? I got like pulled into mindvox and it is so fucking
  > cool. You really do have like a psychedelic temple with so many
  > different vibes, it's all darkness and light but it fucking
  > radiates and kicks bro! And I understand some of what you are
  > doing, you're like bringing down a acid trip bro, you're fucking
  > doing that! You are pulling down the other places into the here.
  > I still don't know how you do that or what your brain works like
  > because I can't write anything I want to write. It's like I'm
  > stuck. Then I get unstuck when I talk about anything at all except
  > for me! And I can't sort it out like you're doing, or is that what
  > you did and just stopped trying to sort it out and let it run
  > wild? Chaos man.
  > I have got to say I feel fucking great man! I have been so down in
  > the dumps for so long I haven't felt good in a long time. And man
  > I feel good! And the first line I got when I loaded Mindvox is it
  > man, it is it.

  Hi Curtis,

  Mostly I figure ibogaine unloads you of what's going on beneath the surface.
  If there's big backlog of stuff waiting to be emptied out, like the recycle
  bin, then it tries to dump the lot during the session. This is one reason
  why some people trip like crazy and others not so much. I'd get a lot of
  emotional stuff for hours then feel really clean for days afterward, like
  all the things in the way of me being who I wanted to be were gone.

  all the best


  > "Not all who wander are lost" Right on man, right on! And so
  > true.
  > This is not lsd, this feels like something ripped everything out
  > of me and put it back in a different way. Fucking intense.
  > Ibogaine is great man! I would for sure do it again just not right
  > now man, not right now.
  > Curtis
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