[ibogaine] Re: Karina and methadeone kicking

Andria Efthimiou-Mordaunt AndriaEM at drugscope.org.uk
Wed Aug 7 07:13:54 EDT 2002

Good point; very good actually, and one that many people extol. You can't
give up all your protections at once.. well, I don't think it;s a good idea
UNLESS of course, u replace them immediately
But what if, like me your lungs are constantly breaking into infections, and
almost caving in completely!?
Thanx 2 y'all 4 discusiing smoking; I'm much more vulnerable with this habit
than I think I ever was shooting dope...(not that that had too many positive
points either!!!)
But I would like to say that it is very sunny in London 2day, and I am at
peace with my computer
Love andria

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the thing about cigs is that at least they take a long time to kill you,
other things aren't so patient for your soul.  i was dopesick at my parents
house and my sister said to me quite cheerfully, 'so when are you going to
quit smoking'  fucking one thing at a time.  cigs are so pointless, you
smoke to continue the habit.  just for today, i'm satisfied being clean.
one vice at a time!


>From: "Patrick K. Kroupa" 
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>On [Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 11:37:24AM -0700], [Brett Calabrese] wrote: 
>| Patrick, 
>| I am glad to see you reached the denial stage of your 
>| nicotine addiction. 
>Oh absolutely. Unfortunately, being FAMILIAR with addiction, I really, 
>strongly, highly suspect, I will take no action whatsoever until the day I 
>go to the gym and discover I can't breath, or my heart hurts... At which 
>point I will prolly re-evaluate my choice to keep smoking and just find 
>something else to do. 
>| "> I'm gonna go light a cigarette now" 
>| I know the feeling, can't imagine myself doing it but 
>| it wouldn't take much (like 1 cigarette) to change 
>| that real fast. Just like real drugs... 
>Yeah, I have vague plans to stop smoking the next time I dose with 
>ibogaine; cuz I mean, for me, every time I dose I cannot smoke. I light a 
>cigarette afterwards and literally vomit. I have to WORK BACK UP using 
>menthols, half a cigarette at a time. 
>Being real I am forced to conclude that I really don't care, because I 
>still haven't exited the Indestructable stage of life, and it hasn't had 
>any negative effect on me. Therefore, I just don't care enough to exert 
>the effort required to tune that headchange. 
>Look I LIKE smoking. It makes me happy. Really, it does. I think, I'm 
>pretty sure. 


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