What's this about no hallucinations?

Jellking jellking at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 7 00:13:04 EDT 2002

Hi, I really beg to differ re no hallucinating.  I will admit I only
hallucinated (properly, i.e. seeing stuff that wasn't there, as
opposed to watching a film on the wall) late in the game, i.e at
about I think 25  hours, but even before then, My EYES WERE WIDE
OPEN.  and I saw a lot of stuff.  (Bwiti said to me, "open your eyes,
so you can hear me!  and I laughed alittle, and thought, how William
Blake, then he roared, OPEN THEM!  And I did, and wow!)Now, I
actually complained about this a bit, as I'd been told there'd be
none of this real hallucination, but then when I went to the john,
and the linoleum floor turned to liquid and began to rise up to my
knees, etc., I just didn't care anymore who was right or wrong about
what would/could happen; it was so much fun at athat poing (after so
much  gruelling stuff before).  Jane

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