[ibogaine] Kicking dope with ibogaine

Carla Barnes carlambarnes at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 4 18:49:04 EDT 2002

It finally came out 2 months late! 

Howard I wouldn't take it so seriously I think they
mangle everything. Patrick is in every issue, he
finished his addiction series I think this is the last
in the series with the last one being that one with
Dave Hunter. They've also blown up the Mindvox logo to
full page size and published a lot of letters :-)



Which reminds me to say one more time what I've
already said 5 times at least, Patrick why don't you
take all those articles, you are at #17 or something,
some of them are you giving addiction treatment the
finger, I understand you like to do that :-) But
beside the rants you have at least 12 or 14 which are
awesome! And all about ibogaine and addiction, so get
rid of their awful formatting and put them up mindvox
or any ibogaine site. They're great and I still don't
understand why you don't open up a ibogaine section on
the outside of the Mindvox site. Why write for heroin
times when the mindvox hit rate is so much higher? 

Mindvox is at 20,000 Heroin Times is at 160,000


Come on, do it. I know you're doing all these other
things but if you can find the time to keep adding and
I'll say art, not rants ;-) to the outside of the
site, you can put a series of articles which I bet are
all sitting in the same directory anyway online. It
would take you 5 minutes.

Carla B

--- HSLotsof at aol.com wrote:
> I received an email from herointimes.com announcing
> their latest edition.  I 
> found an article announced on the cover titled,
> Kicking Dope with Ibogaine.  
> It really sounded familiar.  Well, it should have as
> when I opened it I found 
> my name as author.  I wrote the article in March of
> 2000 and was somewhat 
> disappointed that the layout was cut and pasted here
> and there incorrectly 
> and out of order making it difficult to comprehend
> and some of the treatment 
> information of course was dated.  I was actually
> expecting some new article 
> by Patrick as he has been writing for
> herointimes.com on the subject.

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