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Sun Apr 28 18:03:46 EDT 2002

I don't mind all kinds of different views or opinions, but
if the two of you plan on generating another 50 messages of
personal insults, could you please just meet and punch each
other instead? 

I know i don't have to read the messages, I can unsubscribe,
but I enjoy this list and even the stranger messages are
fun. But I really don't need to read 50 messages each of
which is a minimum of 10 paragraphs long about who is a
witch, who is a alcoholic, who should be burnt at the stake.

I could skip them, but then both of you usually say
something very interesting somewhere in the middle. I'd
prefer to read that something interesting without all the


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> > But you don't have the balls to be on stage when the
> real true action comes
> > around.Amateur!And peace IS good,but it is not something
> like war,something
> > that any idiot can bring about.Peace is far more
> difficult.And not even your
> > mouth is big enough to utter the whole truth.And your
> > harsh language is precisely of that kind that makes the
> > "good folks" burn men like me at the stakes.Yes,I was
> > indeed thrown out of your bourgeois London for being a
> >                                                    
> "witch"... C. >
> Look, Carl, this is too much. I don't care what you say
> about me but claiming to have been thrown out of London
> for being a witch?! Like when, which century are we
> talking about here? Are you sure it wasn't just for
> alcoholism and vagrancy? And what's wrong with being burnt
> anyway? What the body and mind revile the soul delights
> in. Pretty rare for witches to be reincarnated in the
> boring old physical, I can assure you. Being burnt alive
> clears out so many issues there's not likely to be enough
> charge left in the emotional body for it to come back to
> this dense, vibratory level. Burning's fucking great, man.
> Nick
> PS - living in a commune in dorset, these days, just 4 the
> record. london wasn't bourgeois enough for me.
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