[ibogaine] Facts

Bill Ross ross at cgl.ucsf.EDU
Fri Apr 26 12:16:26 EDT 2002

	... I wanted an open 
	debate about the way to handle the stuff and how to achieve optimal 
	results.And we all learn from each other.That we have found the 
	extract to work better than HCL when it comes to Methadone withdrawals 
	It took a lot of self-experimentation and bioassaying that would 
	scare the living piss out of most modern humans before we came up with 
	something manageable and foolproof enough to give to people in the 
	"outside world" and the present extract IS foolproof.Period.No lab 
	will ever be capable of analyzing or replicating it either.
	That is how we protected ourselves from copycats.

Carl, why not share the preparation method? Based on what you say, 
it would be a shame for the supply to end with that one batch, and 
if you're retired, others would have to make it. For that matter, I 
bet there's a lot of bioextraction wisdom in general that you could 
pass on.

Bill Ross

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