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Thank you, Dave

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> On [Thu, Apr 25, 2002 at 02:57:46AM +0200], [sara119] wrote:
> | and I saw that happen many times , those who talk shit in the last
> | conference in London must have had a good time ,I know Henk did
> | enjoy your company ,Horny for fame and excitement .
> | 
> |  may be no one will die in st.kidds but sure they will die after ,
> | 
> | everyone's day will come , only if it was after taking Carl's Iboga 
> | 
> | that makes it bad , well they are more people who have a much better
life after taking that Iboga extract , who might have died on the street
othewise but then no body would care , just another junkie ,
> | 
> |  I know the vibes in this iboga "care taker community " and sure
> | I'll never come to a conference with you all ,Except for Howard .
> | Talking shit about people isn't my style , it isn't what healing is
> | about sure doesn't give anybody
> |  a good Karma ,
> |  talking about a price of a treatment is something else.
> Sara...  I think, based upon my careful observations, it is the nature of
> being human and alive and stuff, to talk shit sometimes...  Some people do
> so more often than others...  
> Of course doing that, often leads to other people talking back at you...
> I don't have a problem with anybody for the most part, and think everybody
> should go wherever the hell they want to go...  Whatever calls out to you,
> whatever works with your financial resources, headspace and legal issues,
> and brings you closer to where you'd like to be -- wherever that is. 
> It has been my experience though, that when attempting to take the moral
> higher ground, it's a good idea to try not to trip, slip, and fall on your
> ass...  It's a very slippery slope.
> peace,
> Patrick

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