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Carrie Rollins carrierollins at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 23 14:53:11 EDT 2002

 I haven't been here that long but lets say in the last month and a half or a little more there are always these people who pop up and I'm starting to see a pattern. They aren't really clear on if they did ibogaine or not or know somebody who did or don't like the idea or whatever, they rant for a few messages and then leave.
Why do this?
Why post it to the ibogaine list?
If I was ever hesitant about ibogaine, which I was, or wasn't sure, which I'm not, then what is incoherent anger going to do to except make me add that person to my blocking list in email?
I know they're angry about something, I don't know what exactly but I'm lost as to what inside their mind they are doing by posting these messages and what it should accomplish.
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Ibogaine is a lie, I know more than a few people who have spent thousands, upon thousands, of dollars on this shit. It is just a gimmick, a get rich scheme, that only leaves the poor families of addicts broke and without any help what so ever. Print this on your site, or are you afraid to? For real detox go to the hospitol, or to a medicated detox clinic. Andre' Chavez. Also remove me from your list now !!! I'm going to expose the lies you perpentrate, in the next issue of heroin helper, on line. If you want to argue your case, E-ME, lying ass bitches. ----- Original Message -----  Yo Andre, why don't you just talk about what's personally going on for you with ibogaine? Seems nearly every week we have to go through this fucking ritual with yet another whining junkie going on about "how ibogaine doesn't work" - eventually, maybe, about 4 emails down the line we actually get to hear about what their personal issue with the drug actually is. Or most of the time not, they just go off, I guess, and wank on somewhere else, still to scared or fucked up to talk about what's actually going on for them. WHAT ARE THE FUCKING ISSUES, MAN? WHAT IS GOING ON FOR YOU EMOTIONALLY? Do we get to hear about it? Or is it just going to be another projected rant, leaving everyone in no doubt about why you're a junkie in the first place?  Nick

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