[ibogaine] Cosmic ray mystery solved

Carl Nyblom-Waltenburg ibogalab at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 22 16:06:05 EDT 2002

AAhh,thanks Howard!
You've solved my identity crisis! In a corner of my mind I always knew 
somehow that I was a retired Quasar...it feels so goooood to come out of the 
closet...it's great to be alive!Hope they don't revoke my pension for being 
so frank about it.
                                                      Carl W.

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>Subject: [ibogaine] Cosmic ray mystery solved
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>This came in via email among the subjects ( [antigrav] Cold Fusion, 
>to the Fourth Dimension, et.)to my mindvox ibogaine list mail address and
>thought I would pass it on,
>In a message dated 4/22/02 8:10:19 AM, newscientist at processrequest.com 
>Cosmic ray mystery solved
>Astronomers believe they have uncovered the source of the highest
>energy cosmic rays - retired quasars. Cosmic rays are tiny,
>energy-packed particles and, although very rare, are the only sample
>of matter from outside the Solar System.
>To read the full story go to:
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