[ibogaine] The Perfect Detox -Reply

Ustanova Iboga Iboga at guest.arnes.si
Sat Apr 13 12:41:31 EDT 2002

At 19:15 13.4.2002, you wrote:
>>Randy Kieser writes:
>>I could not read this message. Can you please resend?
>>I've read the ibogaine sites and materials. From these my general
>>understanding is that ibogaine is a medication which has hallucinogenic
>>properties and will detoxify you from heroin or longer acting narcotics
>>like methadone.
>>Does this include LAAM?
>>My secondary question is, what is preventing ibogaine from being tested in
>>clinical trials? It is schedule I, but MDMA appears to have made it past
>>that hurdle recently, at least in part because of the work of MAPS. What is
>>holding up ibogaine?
>MDMA is funded by people who want to legalize it for recreational use. 
>Unfortunately, there is no one who wants to use ibo recreationally, and 
>NIDA won't because of the Joyce Nalepka's of the world, so it just isn't 
>A lot of legalizers are offended by ibogaine, like John Morgan or Stanton 
>Peele, because they don't believe addictions exist.
he he he ...
Nalepka in my language means "sticker"


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