[ibogaine] The Perfect Detox -Reply

Dana Beal dana at cures-not-wars.org
Sat Apr 13 13:15:17 EDT 2002

>Randy Kieser writes:
>I could not read this message. Can you please resend?
>I've read the ibogaine sites and materials. From these my general
>understanding is that ibogaine is a medication which has hallucinogenic
>properties and will detoxify you from heroin or longer acting narcotics
>like methadone.
>Does this include LAAM?
>My secondary question is, what is preventing ibogaine from being tested in
>clinical trials? It is schedule I, but MDMA appears to have made it past
>that hurdle recently, at least in part because of the work of MAPS. What is
>holding up ibogaine?

MDMA is funded by people who want to legalize it for recreational 
use. Unfortunately, there is no one who wants to use ibo 
recreationally, and NIDA won't because of the Joyce Nalepka's of the 
world, so it just isn't happening.

A lot of legalizers are offended by ibogaine, like John Morgan or 
Stanton Peele, because they don't believe addictions exist.


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