[ibogaine] Ibogaine rip-off?

Ustanova Iboga Iboga at guest.arnes.si
Sun Apr 7 13:25:10 EDT 2002

Francis, come to Slovenija, we use HCl in religious context- all legal. It 
might help you compare your drug-less spiritual insights with Ibogaine 
spiritual insights?

Your friend could be ripped off (things happened before - some people will 
do many things for money; I know of a guy that was selling HCl mixed with 
something else and I understand that his customers broke his legs), but on 
the other hand he could have high quality Ibogaine and it simply didn't 
"work" (have seen this before, too!)


At 18:27 7.4.2002, you wrote:

>This all is filtered through *me* of course. I consider myself highly
>spiritual and *none* of my spiritual insights have come through the
>use of drugs. I see drugs as a way to avoid God (if you will that
>emotional word). So it's hard to see drugs as an arm (or tool) of
>God--which brings me back to the "nuts and bolts" of the drugs.

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