[ibogaine] Ibogaine rip-off?

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Sun Apr 7 12:27:28 EDT 2002

That's a lot to ingest all at once. Since the only thing I can go on 
from personal experience is LSD, it is hard for me to accept the 
drug simply not having anything more to "tell" and so not working. 
But then, the way I understand LSD "works" on the brain is pretty 
unbelievable too. I'm a "nuts and bolts" kind of guy which is 
probably why I got so into how morphine works but not LSD. It 
seems to me that understanding how morphine affects the brain is 
maybe 20 years away (read the research--they are still really 
confused) but with LSD it seems 100s of years.

This all is filtered through *me* of course. I consider myself highly 
spiritual and *none* of my spiritual insights have come through the 
use of drugs. I see drugs as a way to avoid God (if you will that 
emotional word). So it's hard to see drugs as an arm (or tool) of 
God--which brings me back to the "nuts and bolts" of the drugs.

The thing is, I'd like to think my friend was ripped off the second 
time because it makes it all a lot easier to understand. But I can 
tell from what I've read thus far that the people in this group are not 
going give me that kind of reassurance--which is okay. I'm 
beginning to think that Lotso is right that I just have to try the drug. 
I don't say this because I think it will reveal all its secrets, but 
rather that it will at least give me *some* compass point whereas I 
feel right now that I have none. This does, however, annoy me 
because I think that I shouldn't have to try a drug to have *some* 
idea of what it's like. In fact, I think if you put Patrick (very pro-
ibogaine) and Anne Ardolino (very anti-ibogaine) together in a room, 
that they could come up with some description of the drug that 
they could both live with. And maybe that would be helpful to a 
person like me. And maybe just hearing more anecdotes will be 
helpful. It's interesting regardless.

I'm going to go talk to my friend about his two experiences in more 
detail. I will report back. BTW: I have been encouraging him to join 
this group since he is one of the most interesting thinkers I know.

Once again, thanks for the input. This list has a very high SNR--a 
refreshing contrast to ADH.


On 6 Apr 2002, at 22:14, Gamma wrote:

> Your friend might have been duped, or not. There are anecdotal reports of folks
> doing Ibo their 2,3,4 time and feeling no effect at all. Obviously this varies
> from individual to ind. I know one guy who did Ibo like 14-15 times [not for
> addiction and sometimes coupled with other entheogens] and had a profoundly
> different experience each time. And he lives to tell about it!

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